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“This may be one of the year’s best… He’s a vivid, expressive artist.”  - Americana Highways  

“Nothing may be normal in 2021, but ‘Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore’ offsets Abernethy’s doom and gloom with pure joy.” - No Depression  

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BTR Today premier's "Birds In The Chimney"

"Abernethy’s masterful guitar picking and poetic folk chanting combined with a lively melody captures a wholesome moment when it feels like sweetness is hard to come by. The entire world seems like it’s up in flames, but this moment…

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We did IT!!!


Thanks to all you backers who made my Kickstarter campaign a success! We made it over the goal and the new album "Normal Isn't Normal Anymore" should be ready by January! I'm so grateful to all of you…

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No Depression features Rod's Kickstarter Campaign

"Rod Abernethy wrote his new album’s title track over a year ago when all of our views of “not normal anymore” were, in retrospect, hilariously naïve. Armed with what he didn’t know at the time was the most appropriate album…

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