Upcoming Shows

Quotes from Rod's shows:

“I’ve seen thousands of shows in my life and very few performers hold the kind of sway over a crowd that Rod Abernethy does. At my most recent house concert, you could have heard a pin drop as Rod sang and played. Audiences are transfixed by his playing, he’s the consummate singer-songwriter and a skilled narrator of a disappearing way of life in the South.” 

Mike Allen – owner/manager, The Wake Forest Listening Room, Wake Forest, NC


Rod’s mastery of the acoustic guitar is nothing short of amazing…he makes the listener feel like he is speaking directly to them. In a nutshell, He is a musical force to be reckoned with.”

Tim Hildebrandt - Concert Coordinator, The Harmony for Mayo Concert Series, Rochester, MN


"Rod is a great storyteller. His expert guitar work and tenor voice help illustrate his stories into beautiful music!"

Whitney L. Harrison - Co-Owner/Booking, Live At Ted's, Wilmington, NC


“Rod presents in a way which is easy to relate to while exhibiting a virtuosity on his guitar that elevates the overall experience.”

Robert Hollis – president, The Spire Center for Performing Arts, Plymouth, MA


"Imagine what would happen if you musically crossed the iconic guitar chops of Leo Kottke and John Fahey with the prophetic and immensely appealing songs of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. If you have a chance to see and hear Rod Abernethy live, don't miss it."

Bob Hinkle - owner/manager,  The White Horse Black Mountain, Black Mountain, NC


“Rod Abernethy holds the audience in the palm of his hand. Armed with great storytelling and mature songwriting, he brings his heart and soul into everything he plays.”

Martha Bassett, host of The Martha Bassett Show - The Reeves Theater, Elkin, NC


“Rod delivers awe and wonder and turns every stage into a front porch visit that you’ll remember the rest of your life.”

John Bare - private event host, Media, PA


“Rod Abernethy plays from the heart – he is deeply authentic – and makes an immediate connection with anyone who is lucky enough to share his gift.

Josh Levin – Washington, DC


"Rod put on an awesome set for us. He’s a true artist on stage and a great guy to work with. He’s the real deal." 

David E. Sardinha - Six String Presents, The Cary Theater, Cary, NC 


“I have seen Rod several times and it has always been a great show that Rod has put on.  He is a very entertaining performer, a terrific songwriter and a world-class, master guitarist.”

Art Grossman - North Reading Community Coffeehouse, North Reading, MA


"His mastery of the 6 &12 string guitars was a real treat to watch, and we look forward to his next performance in the hall"

Bill Heath - owner/operator, Muddy Creek Music Hall, Winston Salem, NC


"Rod Abernethy has truly mastered the art of storytelling...at first he charms you with sentimental stories and clever lyrics that tug at your heart then he mesmerizes you with his spellbinding guitar playing.." 

Gigi Thigpen - Jazz Entertainment Agency, Raleigh, NC


“Rod charmed our friends with an evening of masterful guitar craftsmanship blended with just the right dash of storytelling.”

Carl Voss – Des Moines, IA